PageTech develops software libraries that focus on imaging-oriented technologies which may be used in printing, document imaging, archiving, viewing, typeface conversion, font generation, text extraction or faxing applications.

We have a select staff of engineers and management with over 25 years of continuous experience in the development of printer drivers, font technology and other imaging-related technologies.

This blog was created to give our prospects, customers and developers a forum to ask questions and get help solving PCL issues.

Our requirements are:

  • Please identify yourself. 
  • Provide a complete description of your objectives.  Include your proposed workflow, transformation, text extraction, indexing, file splitting and other requirements. 
  • Describe what you have already tried towards achieving your objectives what worked and what did not work.
  • Provide a clear description of the problem.  Be prepared to provide all the resources necessary to re-create the problem.