Bitmap font and scalable typeface conversion

The FastFont Bitmap Font generator (FBM) will convert TrueType scalable typefaces into FastFont format and then allow you to scale the FastFont to any point size for HP download bitmap fonts (SFP/SFL). This is a developer level product – ask for pricing. TTF2SFP will convert TrueType fonts into HP download bitmap fonts (SFP/SFL). This is […]

Data Execution Prevention (DEP) in Vista & Windows7

ObjectWindows Exception: Create fail for windows PCLTools/PCLWorks, 0, TMainFrame A recent new Windows option can cause problems with PageTech programs PCLTool, PCLView and PCLWorks (all compiled with Borland). The option is ‘Data Execution Prevention’ (DEP). If your hardware allows for hardware-based DEP then some PageTech programs need to be added to a list of exempt […]

PCLReader Limitations

PCLReader is freeware positioned for non-commercial use to show what our products “are capable of doing” in order to help promote our commercial products.  We don’t want to make it easy to install on a server for multi-user use — that is beyond the scope of the PCLReader license.  If you have a serious multi-user/remote […]

Optimize High Volume PCL Applications

High Volume User Guidelines: Hardware Requirements: The fastest CPU with the most RAM, etc. Optimal location of files: Input: Local drivePTC32.INI TempDir: Not the same physical local drive as for Input files. Select drive with no i/o contention with other applications.Output: Not the same physical local drive as for Input or Temp files. Eliminate as […]

Linux, Unix, Solaris and other Non-Windows Platforms

The platform where the transformation takes place is not as important as having an output file with 100% font fidelity, an index, individual PDF files for each document in a multi-document file, searchable text or other very important and overlooked transformation capabilities.  If you have very simple PCL, the PCL transformation products that run on […]

How to create a PCL Form Overlay or Logo Macro

INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO CREATE A PCL FORM OVERLAY (or LOGO OVERLAY): 1. Open the form .PDF in the Reader or Word or any other Windows program. 2. Print to a HP LaserJet Series II or a HP Color LaserJet printer driver to file.  The default file extension is .PRN.   Override this generic print file extension and use […]

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