control over angle and transparency

Hi We’re printing checks and as a security measures we’re printing the payee’s name diagonally in the background of the payee and the amount. Our software knows how to map the parameters coming from the clients ERP (Priority, SAP). What is the correct way to design the check fields so that the name is printed […]

change text color using PCL5 or 6 command strings

Hello, I am trying to change the color from black to red and back to black in order to highlight special instructions. The documentation is very hard to understand. Here is a sample of my code: PRINT “THIS IS A TEST – NORMAL PRINT” PRINT PRINT CHAR(27):”*r3U”: ;* 3 PLANE RGB PALETTE PRINT CHAR(27):”*v255A”: ;* […]

merge tiff logo with pcl output

I have followed the documentation and used IMG2PCL to convert the tiff file to PCL. I then used pcl2pdf to create a pdf file running on Red Hat Linux. The logo looks like a black box but it is in the right place. When I use PCLTool.exe to view the logo pcl file, it looks […]

Verdana HP Typeface ID

Trying to produce PCL and PDF documentation using Verdana as the font/typeface but cannot find the HP typeface ID for Verdana. CAn you provide this code or point me somewhere I might be able to obtain it. This post was submitted by David Kelly.

PCL Parser Supporting Text Extraction

Hi Team, We are looking for below requirement, ================================= A PCL parser which can identify predetermined words from a print stream supporting all Asia-pacific languages. An example would be printing of a document which contains “confidential” or “not to be printed” anywhere in the body of the document. Once identified the parser can invoke an […]

PCL to Searchable PDF

I am in need of a tool that can convert .PCL files to searchable PDF’s. Which, if any, of your tools would accomplish this task? Also, if such tool exists, I would like to test the fully functioning application prior to purchasing; I’ve purchased a few applications already that said they could do what I […]

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