change text color using PCL5 or 6 command strings

Hello, I am trying to change the color from black to red and back to black in order to highlight special instructions. The documentation is very hard to understand. Here is a sample of my code: PRINT “THIS IS A TEST – NORMAL PRINT” PRINT PRINT CHAR(27):”*r3U”: ;* 3 PLANE RGB PALETTE PRINT CHAR(27):”*v255A”: ;* […]

merge tiff logo with pcl output

I have followed the documentation and used IMG2PCL to convert the tiff file to PCL. I then used pcl2pdf to create a pdf file running on Red Hat Linux. The logo looks like a black box but it is in the right place. When I use PCLTool.exe to view the logo pcl file, it looks […]

Verdana HP Typeface ID

Trying to produce PCL and PDF documentation using Verdana as the font/typeface but cannot find the HP typeface ID for Verdana. CAn you provide this code or point me somewhere I might be able to obtain it. This post was submitted by David Kelly.

PCL Parser Supporting Text Extraction

Hi Team, We are looking for below requirement, ================================= A PCL parser which can identify predetermined words from a print stream supporting all Asia-pacific languages. An example would be printing of a document which contains “confidential” or “not to be printed” anywhere in the body of the document. Once identified the parser can invoke an […]

PCL to Searchable PDF

I am in need of a tool that can convert .PCL files to searchable PDF’s. Which, if any, of your tools would accomplish this task? Also, if such tool exists, I would like to test the fully functioning application prior to purchasing; I’ve purchased a few applications already that said they could do what I […]

pcl question

do you have a solution for printing to a laserjet printer and to a file to extract text? I tried using RPM, it sends the job to printer no problem but RPM can’t decode the PCL to text only to PDF. This post was submitted by Rich.

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