Epson Printer Control (M)

Most Epson printers use an ESC P language or a upgraded version or other common PCL. The Epson C88+ is not spec’d by Epson to use this as best I can tell – the C88 was but not the “+”. When installing the printer driver in Windows Epson says it is OK to use the […]

PclTool.exe command line argument for multipage Hp2 to tiff conversion

Hello, We are using pcltool.exe for hp2 to tiff conversion. It is converting properly but when we give multipage hp2 file then it is converting only one page. I tried to find if there is any option needs to be given in command to convert all pages and create one tiff file with all the […]

PCL Font Creation

Hi. I have a PCL font file that I’m using in an application. I need to update it to reflect some new logos, but the process/person who originally generated this file is no longer available. Do any of your commercial application have the ability to create a new font file in the same format, or […]

v14.6 PCL Tools HotDirZ64 stops processing

Has anyone seen where HotDirZ64 will just stop processing PCL reports until which time it is shut down and restarted? Server is Windows 2012 R2 and PCL Tools v14.6. I will be opening a ticket on this BUT wanted to ask the question here as well. This post was submitted by Ken LeGars.

License Date exceeded

I am trying to download PCL SDK from But it shows the version has expired on 15feb2016. Can you please help me to get the valid version? This post was submitted by Boopalan.

Royal Mail Barcode Font ttf to sft (Soft font)

Hello, Is it possible to convert barcode font RM4SCC to soft font? link to the font: Regards Eric This post was submitted by Eric.

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