Royal Mail Barcode Font ttf to sft (Soft font)

Hello, Is it possible to convert barcode font RM4SCC to soft font? link to the font: Regards Eric This post was submitted by Eric.

How can I tell if a file is set for duplex?

How can I tell if a PCL file is set for duplex? This post was submitted by Bill.

PCL Image creation

Hello, I’ve taken over a position as system admin from a previous employee and I don’t have any documentation on a particular part of the process where we create these pcl files that from what I can tell raster images, and they are inserted into the print job via script on the linux server. I’m […]

Do you have a utility to convert True Type fonts to HP PCL soft fonts in a SFP format? If so, how much is it. I create custom fonts for people. This post was submitted by Steve Whitman.

control over angle and transparency

Hi We’re printing checks and as a security measures we’re printing the payee’s name diagonally in the background of the payee and the amount. Our software knows how to map the parameters coming from the clients ERP (Priority, SAP). What is the correct way to design the check fields so that the name is printed […]

change text color using PCL5 or 6 command strings

Hello, I am trying to change the color from black to red and back to black in order to highlight special instructions. The documentation is very hard to understand. Here is a sample of my code: PRINT “THIS IS A TEST – NORMAL PRINT” PRINT PRINT CHAR(27):”*r3U”: ;* 3 PLANE RGB PALETTE PRINT CHAR(27):”*v255A”: ;* […]

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