PageTech Announces the Release of PCLTool SDK V11.0

San Diego, CA. – June 2, 2011:  PageTech, the developer of PCLTool SDK, today announced the release of PCLTool SDK v11.0.  As the recognized leader in the PCL transformation industry, PageTech continues to meet the evolving PCL transformation demands of developers and businesses worldwide. With the release of PCLTool SDK v11.0, PageTech now offers its […]

Universal PCL USB Printer Driver PCL5

Hi, I am tryting to develop universal PCL USB driver for PCL5 and higher.  It all works fine in version PCL5 and PCL5c.  But, in version PCL5e the printing takes about few minutes! Communication (double send ESC commands does not affect): Thanks Stanislav Kubín This post was submitted by Stanislav Kubín.

extract text from .tnx file

Recently we purchased PCL SDK Option I. We want to convert/extract text from an .tnx file to a plain ascii file programatically. Is there an API doing this job like tnxdump? This post was submitted by Sean Royama.

Rediect a modem output to a PDF file

I have a modem device prints information that it receives to a Printer that is HP Laserjet compatible. Instead of hooking this modem up to an HP Laserjet using the Parallel port interface they have provided, I would like to connect it to my computer and have the information placed into a PDF file. Can […]

Custom programming with SDK Demo

The runcode that we provide with the PCLTool SDK Demo does not allow our .DLL’s to be used by any custom programs.  Dynlink, VBDemo, VBDemo2 and the other programs in the .\source folder and subfolders are custom programs that we provide only to show how our sample source  code should compile.  These programs will also not work […]