Changing Legacy PCL Tray Assignments for a New Printer

How to edit PCL for Printer Migration Follow the steps listed below to go from an existing printer with multi-tray/bin assignments to a new printer with different tray/bin assignments. Use PCLCodes.exe that is included with PCLWorks Program or PCL Tool SDK  to disassemble/translate your PCL file into a readable ASCII .TXT file. Open the .PCL […]

Data Execution Prevention (DEP) in Vista & Windows7

ObjectWindows Exception: Create fail for windows PCLTools/PCLWorks, 0, TMainFrame A recent new Windows option can cause problems with PageTech programs PCLTool, PCLView and PCLWorks (all compiled with Borland). The option is ‘Data Execution Prevention’ (DEP). If your hardware allows for hardware-based DEP then some PageTech programs need to be added to a list of exempt […]

Running silent with no .log, .hix or .map files. And, no screen pop-up errmsgs

You would need to edit the following preferences in the PTC32.INI file for operation on a web server or on a CD ROM:  There are several ways to run “silent” and faster. PTC32.INI file preferences that control .log, .map and msgboxes: NoSaveLog=1 NoSaveMap=1 QuiteMode=1 ExtractText=0 KeepHixFiles=0 TempDir=(change to a better path than the default – […]