Chinese PCL

China is now, by some measures, the largest economy in the world. I am finding it difficult to understand why printing chinese on pcl printers is so difficult. I need to find someone who can supply a soft font that I can send to the printer, together with the unicode to symbol set mappings. Once […]

Japanese PCL Font

Hello A client of mine has a requirement to print japanese pcl. I am assuming the printers in japan contain the required font But the printers in the us will probably not have the font Would you be able to supply a pcl japanese font that i can send to the printer when required? Thanks […]

Text Extraction from PCL with Searchable Text and Indexes

Document archiving requirements often include full text extraction for fully-searchable PDFs and extracted data to use with content aggregation applications. PageTech is the leading software development company that provides custom, extensible and fast solutions for applications requiring the manipulation, optimization, transformation or re-purposing of complex PCL print streams. What is Complex PCL? There are hundreds […]

What Can Affect the Nature and Composition of PCL Print Streams

There are many variables that can affect the nature and composition of today’s PCL print streams. Once a PCL transformation process is up and running, please be aware of some of the many pitfalls that can break them. The PCL generated from different HP printer drivers can vary in the following ways: There are HP […]

Bitmap font and scalable typeface conversion

The FastFont Bitmap Font generator (FBM) will convert TrueType scalable typefaces into FastFont format and then allow you to scale the FastFont to any point size for HP download bitmap fonts (SFP/SFL). This is a developer level product – ask for pricing. TTF2SFP will convert TrueType fonts into HP download bitmap fonts (SFP/SFL). This is […]

Linux, Unix, Solaris and other Non-Windows Platforms

The platform where the transformation takes place is not as important as having an output file with 100% font fidelity, an index, individual PDF files for each document in a multi-document file, searchable text or other very important and overlooked transformation capabilities.  If you have very simple PCL, the PCL transformation products that run on […]