Verdana HP Typeface ID

Trying to produce PCL and PDF documentation using Verdana as the font/typeface but cannot find the HP typeface ID for Verdana. CAn you provide this code or point me somewhere I might be able to obtain it. This post was submitted by David Kelly.

Chinese PCL

China is now, by some measures, the largest economy in the world. I am finding it difficult to understand why printing chinese on pcl printers is so difficult. I need to find someone who can supply a soft font that I can send to the printer, together with the unicode to symbol set mappings. Once […]

CJK – Unicode or UTF8 PCL

I have a SAP invoicing application that is referencing printer resident Korean typefaces. My PCL to PDF transformation program doesn’t support those very large CJK fonts.

Japanese PCL Font

Hello A client of mine has a requirement to print japanese pcl. I am assuming the printers in japan contain the required font But the printers in the us will probably not have the font Would you be able to supply a pcl japanese font that i can send to the printer when required? Thanks […]

Convert TrueType fonts into HP download bitmap font SFP

I need to convert a .ttf file to .sfp and it looks like TTF2SFP will do the trick. Could you please let me know the cost of this utility. Thanks, Imtiaz This post was submitted by Imtiaz Ali.