Changing Legacy PCL Tray Assignments for a New Printer

How to edit PCL for Printer Migration Follow the steps listed below to go from an existing printer with multi-tray/bin assignments to a new printer with different tray/bin assignments. Use PCLCodes.exe that is included with PCLWorks Program or PCL Tool SDK¬† to disassemble/translate your PCL file into a readable ASCII .TXT file. Open the .PCL […]

PageTech Announces Release of PCLTool SDK V9.0

The most powerful PCL transformation tool kit developed for the HVTO industry now includes Windows .NET, 64-bit and 64-bit .NET versions of its major PCL transformation programs.

Optimize High Volume PCL Applications

High Volume User Guidelines: Hardware Requirements: The fastest CPU with the most RAM, etc. Optimal location of files: Input: Local drivePTC32.INI TempDir: Not the same physical local drive as for Input files. Select drive with no i/o contention with other applications.Output: Not the same physical local drive as for Input or Temp files. Eliminate as […]