PageTech Announces the Release of PCLTool SDK v12.0

PCLTool SDK v12.0 now makes it easier than ever before to extract text from complex PCL (all levels), while transforming that text into resources for TransPromo documents, or editing the text by adding OMR, IMB or 2-D barcodes for mailing applications.

Text Extraction from PCL with Searchable Text and Indexes

Document archiving requirements often include full text extraction for fully-searchable PDFs and extracted data to use with content aggregation applications. PageTech is the leading software development company that provides custom, extensible and fast solutions for applications requiring the manipulation, optimization, transformation or re-purposing of complex PCL print streams. What is Complex PCL? There are hundreds […]

PageTech Announces the Release of PCLTool SDK V11.0

San Diego, CA. – June 2, 2011:  PageTech, the developer of PCLTool SDK, today announced the release of PCLTool SDK v11.0.  As the recognized leader in the PCL transformation industry, PageTech continues to meet the evolving PCL transformation demands of developers and businesses worldwide. With the release of PCLTool SDK v11.0, PageTech now offers its […]

Universal PCL USB Printer Driver PCL5

Hi, I am tryting to develop universal PCL USB driver for PCL5 and higher.  It all works fine in version PCL5 and PCL5c.  But, in version PCL5e the printing takes about few minutes! Communication (double send ESC commands does not affect): Thanks Stanislav Kubín This post was submitted by Stanislav Kubín.

Debugging PCL Transformations FAQ

FIRST Determine the compatibility of transformation into a raster format.  Can you convert the PCL using PCLTool.exe using the default settings into TIFF Gp4 or raster PDF?  Or can you View PCL to bitmap view format? Capture: If you don’t have some other method of capturing your PCL, take the printer off-line and print to […]

Multiple PCLXForm.exe Processes

We have an unlimited Level III license. The conversion system usualy runs 6 parallel processes that each loop on a separate input directory and run conversions with PCLXform.exe. All of theses parallel processes are referencing the same tempdir where tmp_001,tmp_002,… subidectories are created. It seems that sometimes, a same temp subdirectory is referenced by 2 […]

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