PCL to pdf

Hi Hoping you have a solution to a problem. We have an old software system that sends out PCL data to a dot matrix printer. We can redirect the PCL data to a shared printer on a windows server – Do you have a virtual PDF Printer that would sit on the windows server as […]

PDF to PCL Conversion

Is it possible to convert a pdf into a pcl file? This post was submitted by Meixner Ludwig.


INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO CREATE A PCL FORM OVERLAY (or LOGO OVERLAY): ==================================================== Open the form .PDF in the Acrobat or a Word .DOC or any other program that prints to a PCL printer. Print to a HP LaserJet Series II, III or IV printer driver to FILE. The default file extension is .PRN.   Override […]

Logo placement with macro

Can you give me some info on how to change the logo placement on the page. I’ve tried changing the x and y parameters in IMG2PCL when creating my macros but my logo still only appears in the upper left. This post was submitted by tshuser.

Manual feed and blank PCL print page

Hi, I created overlay file using the steps (How to create a PCL Form Overlay or Logo Macro). When I print the reports using the overlay file, the printer is not automatically printing the report. I have to press on the printer to switch to use auto feed and also it is printing blank page […]

Print a Color Logo using IMG2PCL

I am trying to print a color logo, generated using PCLWork’s (v 8.77)) IMG2PCL utility on a BROTHER multi-function printer, model MFC9120CN. The printer spec says it has PCL6 and PS3. Instead of the expected picture of a fish & the word ‘digiflex’, I am getting 7 small & 1 big rectangles splattered with some […]

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