control over angle and transparency

Hi We’re printing checks and as a security measures we’re printing the payee’s name diagonally in the background of the payee and the amount. Our software knows how to map the parameters coming from the clients ERP (Priority, SAP). What is the correct way to design the check fields so that the name is printed […]

merge tiff logo with pcl output

I have followed the documentation and used IMG2PCL to convert the tiff file to PCL. I then used pcl2pdf to create a pdf file running on Red Hat Linux. The logo looks like a black box but it is in the right place. When I use PCLTool.exe to view the logo pcl file, it looks […]

PCL to pdf

Hi Hoping you have a solution to a problem. We have an old software system that sends out PCL data to a dot matrix printer. We can redirect the PCL data to a shared printer on a windows server – Do you have a virtual PDF Printer that would sit on the windows server as […]

Japanese PCL Font

Hello A client of mine has a requirement to print japanese pcl. I am assuming the printers in japan contain the required font But the printers in the us will probably not have the font Would you be able to supply a pcl japanese font that i can send to the printer when required? Thanks […]

Duplex / Page Offset Issue

We have a number of reports that currently go to dot matrix printers, which I would like to start sending to laser. These reports are 132 column, and I want to avoid having to modify the report text if possible.

PageTech Delivers Enhanced Print Forwarding and Text Extraction Functions with the release of PCLTool SDK v12.4

San Diego, CA. – August 21, 2012:  PageTech, the leading consultancy firm specializing in HP PCL print stream transformation, optimization, text extraction and manipulation, announces the release of version 12.4 of the PageTech PCLTool Software Development Kit. The new release includes a “print forwarding” feature in its popular Port Monitor which gives end-users the ability […]

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