PCL to PDF-or-TIFF converter for Linux

I am a software developer. My customer has been using Visual Software’s pcl2pdf product for many years. In the past, most of our PCL to PDF conversion took place in the background without impacting users. It has recently become necessary to do this conversion while users wait for the results. Unfortunately, each page that gets […]

Converting Tiff to PCL

I have a tiff file that I want to convert to PCL, but everytime I run the IMG2PCL I get a bunch of files with PCL, but not my page. What am I doing wrong?? This post was submitted by Robert.

JasperSign & PageTech TIFF Signature Extraction Application Note

This project combined a custom application (JasperSign), a Topaz LCD signature pad on local workstations capturing three signatures and a customized installation of PageTech’s PCLTool SDK on a centralized server. JasperSign is a custom application for collecting signatures as required in the workflow of a trucking dispatch location. The client has a number of warehouses, […]

IMG to PCL Conversion

I’m trying to use img2pcl on picture files, (both .jpg and .tif) which were created with the color format CMYK . It opens the .jpg but when I try and convert the .tif  it simply exits/bombs out and it states an error opening source.  Will img2pcl not convert these files? Thanks This post was submitted by valliinfo.