Volly™ Announces New Agreement with PageTech

Expanding portfolio of partners facilitates easier access to digital mail services for small and large institutions in the U.S.

Hot Directory

Please could you let me know if there are there any command line parameters for HotDir.exe to start watch when starting the application from a batch file. This post was submitted by Dan.

PageTech – How to convert PCL to PDF and Extract Text

Converting PCL to PDF with the new PageTech PCL Magic Printer Driver not only allows you to convert PCL to PDF it also allows you to extract all of the text found in the PCL file before it’s converted. Just as the name suggests the new PageTech PCL Magic Printer Driver captures the text in […]

PageTech Delivers Enhanced Print Forwarding and Text Extraction Functions with the release of PCLTool SDK v12.4

San Diego, CA. – August 21, 2012:  PageTech, the leading consultancy firm specializing in HP PCL print stream transformation, optimization, text extraction and manipulation, announces the release of version 12.4 of the PageTech PCLTool Software Development Kit. The new release includes a “print forwarding” feature in its popular Port Monitor which gives end-users the ability […]

Capturing a .PRN File from Windows for PCL Analysis

This post describes how to print files that contain raw printer data (.prn files) in Windows. PRN files are created by printing from a program to a file by using a Printer Control Language (PCL) printer driver. A .prn file is typically needed by developers for analysis when customers are looking for a PCL conversion solution.

Text Extraction – PCLTool SDK vs. Simple PCL Parsers / PCL Emulators

Text found in PCL print streams can require varying degrees of sophistication to successfully extract. This table describes some of them and how PCL Tool SDK can overcome them better than Simple PCL Parsers and other lower-end PCL Emulators.

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