Data Execution Prevention (DEP) in Vista & Windows7

ObjectWindows Exception: Create fail for windows PCLTools/PCLWorks, 0, TMainFrame A recent new Windows option can cause problems with PageTech programs PCLTool, PCLView and PCLWorks (all compiled with Borland). The option is ‘Data Execution Prevention’ (DEP). If your hardware allows for hardware-based DEP then some PageTech programs need to be added to a list of exempt […]

Uninstall PageTech Service

Terminate PageCounter by right-clicking on the icon in the task bar, and selecting “remove page counter”.  Open services window : Start->All Programs->Administrative Tools->Service. Locate “PageTech Service” in the list of services. Right-click and select “Stop” Using Explorer, go to “Program Files\PageTech” Delete PtService.exe, PageCounter.exe, and the folder PCLTSDK_Vvv    ( if you have no other […]

Runcode Re-Initialization Instructions

The following re-initialization code expires on mm/dd/yy. Unzip the attached <#####RFI>.ZIP file in the .\program files\pagetech\<product_version>\ directory.  It assumes that the RCMgr.exe is in the same folder. Exit all our programs, including the PageCounter. RUN <#####RFI>.BAT This will reset the page counters.  Re-start the PageCounter.exe. Try to convert a file with PCLTool.exe (or, PCLWorks.exe). If […]

Installation Anti-Virus False Positives For .RRA and .EXE Files

We’ve asked TrendMicro many times to tell us what they think looks suspicious in our code and we’ve never received a response.   No other virus program has ever flagged any of our programs as ones that contain a virus.  And, over 500 shareware sites regularly test our products with rigorous anti-virus and anti-spyware products before they add […]