Duplex / Page Offset Issue

We have a number of reports that currently go to dot matrix printers, which I would like to start sending to laser. These reports are 132 column, and I want to avoid having to modify the report text if possible.

What Can Affect the Nature and Composition of PCL Print Streams

There are many variables that can affect the nature and composition of today‚Äôs PCL print streams. Once a PCL transformation process is up and running, please be aware of some of the many pitfalls that can break them. The PCL generated from different HP printer drivers can vary in the following ways: There are HP […]

Rediect a modem output to a PDF file

I have a modem device prints information that it receives to a Printer that is HP Laserjet compatible. Instead of hooking this modem up to an HP Laserjet using the Parallel port interface they have provided, I would like to connect it to my computer and have the information placed into a PDF file. Can […]

PCL to PDF with Canon MFD

Hi Team, I have a client that is currently using PAGETECH to convert all PCL to PDF, which has been working fine with there HP Fleet, however they have recently purchased some Canon iR-ADVANCE series devices. When the run the same process with the canon device they get error pages in the PDF. Does PAGETECH […]