Custom programming with SDK Demo

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The runcode that we provide with the PCLTool SDK Demo does not allow our .DLL’s to be used by any custom programs.  Dynlink, VBDemo, VBDemo2 and the other programs in the .\source folder and subfolders are custom programs that we provide only to show how our sample source  code should compile.  These programs will also not work unless you purchase PCLTool SDK – Option I (custom programming).  The will not work with the PCLTool SDK Demo.  Nor, will any custom programs that you try to create.

Why?  We prefer to know our prospective client’s full application, workflow, text extraction, indexing, output filenaming, decollation and other requirements before they purchase, prototype or otherwise get too involved with our technology. 

The first priority in evaluating our SDK is to make sure that PCLTool.exe can convert your PCL perfectly.   The next thing to do is to run our PCLXForm demo, look at the .\scripts\convert\pdfport.tpt that it uses and refer to the PCLXForm help through to the end of the JobParams section to see how that Windows console program works.

 If you can’t do that yourself, then we need to analyze a representative sample of the PCL (zipped) in order to determine the feasibility of any particular transformation project. 

We know from 16 yrs. experience in selling our SDK that until we fully understand a client’s objectives and determine our product’s compatibility with them… writing code is not a fruitful exercise for either of us.  Especially, if a simple PCLXForm .tpt script can do the job in a fraction of the time.

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