Running silent with no .log, .hix or .map files. And, no screen pop-up errmsgs

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You would need to edit the following preferences in the PTC32.INI file for operation on a web server or on a CD ROM:  There are several ways to run “silent” and faster.

PTC32.INI file preferences that control .log, .map and msgboxes:

TempDir=(change to a better path than the default – Windows\temp path?). This is where we buffer up to 3 pages during the conversion process.  This is where all the I/O occurs, so if you can direct to drive with the least I/O contention, it should speed-up the process.

Most of the PTC32.INI file preferences can be set via the PCLTool.exe GUI program and saved when you exit. 

Do not have any Explorer instances running or any other program that refreshes folder views.

And, if you require real-time web conversions by running multiple instances you will need our Extended Use Option – Level III for unlimited page volume.

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