Bitmap font and scalable typeface conversion

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The FastFont Bitmap Font generator (FBM) will convert TrueType scalable typefaces into FastFont format and then allow you to scale the FastFont to any point size for HP download bitmap fonts (SFP/SFL). This is a developer level product – ask for pricing.

TTF2SFP will convert TrueType fonts into HP download bitmap fonts (SFP/SFL). This is an OEM product licensed on a custom basis.

Neither product helps you create a font. A font editor is needed to create a scalable font. And, we don’t download fonts to the printer. We do provide a Windows GUI program called Download.exe which is used to download macros and fonts for testing.

We have many other up-to-date typeface conversion tools that convert .TTF to single-byte .FF1 (ATech), HP Bitmap (.SFP) and PCLEO (.SFS) formats. And, into double-byte .FF1, PCLETTO (.SFT) and PostScript (.PFB) formats. However, we only offer them on an OEM basis or as a service.

  • TTF2SFP – TTF to HP bitmap fonts
  • TTF2SFT – TTF to HP PCLETTO fonts for PCL5e/5c/6
  • TTF2PFB – TTF to Adobe Type I
  • TTF2PCL – Converts UTF-8 text in any language into PCL with embedded .SFT’s.
  • SFP2TTF – Converts HP Bitmap fonts into scalable TrueType fonts for embedding into PDF files.

To fully articulate the full scope of your application requirements, please download/complete/return via email or fax – our Typeface Conversion RFQ form. I will respond after a thorough review of your requirements and analysis of your typefaces.

NOTE: We will not convert, license to convert or otherwise allow our conversion tools to be used to convert copyrighted fonts or typefaces in violation of any licensing terms and conditions.

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