Indexing PCL prior to a PCL View / PCL Print of any page

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To find or select a page/page range to View or Print, you must first generate an index of the file. The default is to generate a low-level index. However, this can be slow for large files because of the special way that we have to index PCL XL (PCL6) files.

So, if your PCL is NOT PCL XL (PCL6) you can achieve faster indexing speed if you change the JITIndexing (Just-In-Time Indexing) preference in the PTC32.ini file. There is no way to change this setting via the GUI interface so if you are not working with PCL XL / PCL 6 files, then exit all our .exe’s and edit the PTC32.ini as follows:

; DEF=0
; 0=Disable Just-In-Time Indexing when viewing PCL
; 1=Enable for viewing of PCL6 or some PCL3GUI files

To print you need to first see if the “Go to End of File” navigation toolbar button is active. That means that the index has been built. If you are viewing without the “always low-level index” Convert Preference – Warnings preference set. Then, you’ll need to “Go To” the end of the file using the page navigation tool bar button.

Once you see the page range “[path:\filename] Page 1000 of 1000 pages” on the program’s Title bar. You can then Open the file in either the Print or FastPrint (to PCL Printers ONLY) dialog and select any page or range of pages to print.


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