PCL Application Protection and Disaster Recovery

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In today’s competitive environment where every second counts, businesses must evaluate the level of application downtime they can afford and how much they are prepared to invest to maximize system availability. ┬áHere are some tips on how to protect your PCL transformation application and help prevent mission critical downtime.

What changes can bring your PCL transformation application down?

  • Changes in fonts, point sizes, symbol sets or other attributes
  • Changes to the printer driver or driver options
  • Updates to the printer driver
  • Changes in the way the PCL print streams are generated
  • Changes to the printer’s front panel defaults

What kinds of errors or changes may require a software re-installation?

  • Failure of the PC that is generating the PCL
  • Application’s page volume limit reached
  • PageCounter turned off or running PCLTool SDK remotely without an unlimited license
  • Migrating to a new server or operating system

Simple ways to Protect your PCL transformation application from disasters:

  • Insure that you have backups of all the files provided by PageTech needed for re-installation.
  • Insure that you have a backup of your permanent runcode in its uninitialized (unused) state as it was originally provided.
  • If you have any custom scripts, changes to preferences or other customization steps required for your application – insure that you have fully documented what needs to be done for your custom application so that someone else would be able to re-install should you not be available.
  • Purchase Annual Maintenance for all production units!

Disaster Recovery Unit:

  • Since most PCL transformation applications are mission critical, we highly recommend that you implement a disaster recovery unit (DRU) into your contingency planning.
  • We also recommend that you periodically test your DRU to make sure that it is an exact duplicate of your production unit with all the latest updates and upgrades.
  • If you have an overflow unit or DRU on a different server, you can switch to it should something happen to the server hosting your primary production unit.

Pricing for Contingency Units:

  • Overflow/Backup Unit: $300 plus 50% off of Extended Use Option and Annual Maintenance
  • Disaster Recovery Unit: $300 plus 75% off of Extended Use Option and Annual Maintenance

PCLTool SDK V9.0

V9.0 Upgrade Release will be out in February 2010 and will include:

  • Merged MS VC and .Net source base to simplify development path for all future modifications, updates and enhancements.
  • Updated .Net programs with latest functions already added to the non-.Net versions.
  • New MS VC compiled GUI programs with new source is available to OEMs upon request.
  • New 64-bit version of our main convert and view .dll files.
  • New 64-bit versions PCLXForm, Filter and TNXDump programs.

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