Manual feed and blank PCL print page

Posted on | January 6, 2011 | 1 Comment


I created overlay file using the steps (How to create a PCL Form Overlay or Logo Macro). When I print the reports using the overlay file, the printer is not automatically printing the report. I have to press on the printer to switch to use auto feed and also it is printing blank page (with logo) before printing report.
Can you please help on how to avoid blank page and also get auto feed.

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One Response to “Manual feed and blank PCL print page”

  1. bobp
    January 6th, 2011 @ 4:23 PM

    1. Can we assume that the printer has no changes to the front panel defaults. Check to see if the defaults have been changed for some other job that requires them.

    Run the PCL that we generated through PCLCodes if you need to make edits with a binary editor to compensate from any front panel settings that are causing the PCL to drift down the page.

    2. Are you sure that you do not have the “Append Test Page” preference set when you generate the logo?

    3. For anyone to be able to help you – they would have to be able to analyze the problem PCL in order to determine the problem.

    4. Img2PCL can generate the placable logo macro, but you have to know where to put the execute/call macro escape code into your print stream. If you lack the expertise, then use PCLCodes on your previous logo and to see what escapes were needed to work with the way your PCL is generated. Analyzing the output of PCLCodes is an excellent way to learn PCL.

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