Capturing a .PRN File from Windows for PCL Analysis

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This post describes how to print files that contain raw printer data (.prn files) in Windows. PRN files are created by printing from a program to a file by using a Printer Control Language (PCL) printer driver. A .prn file is typically needed by developers for analysis when customers are looking for a PCL conversion solution.

  1. At the desk top, click the START button, then left click on Control Panel, then left click on Devices and Printers.
  2. Next right click on the ICON for the PRINTER DRIVER your printing application uses and a FILE MENU will appear. Next left click on PRINTER PROPERTIES.
  3. Next click the PORTS tab.
  4. Write down the Port and Description that are currently selected. When you have completed capturing the .prn file, you will need to put the port selection back to the original setting.
  5. Scroll down the port list and click on the box next to “FILE: Print to File.”
  6. Next, check that bidirectional support is disabled. If the box next to Enable Bidirectional Support is unchecked, proceed to the next step. If the box next to Enable Bidirectional Support is checked, uncheck the box to disable it. Left click on Apply and then OK to close.
  7. Next go to your software application from which you want to capture the print file and send a print job to the printer driver.
  8. After the print job has been sent, an Output File Name window opens. Type in a recognizable filename and save.
  9. Once you have completed capturing your PRN files, go back to step 5 and change your printer port back to the original setting.
  10. Finally, submit your .prn files to PageTech for evaluation. Either submit your files via our Support Form or e-mail the file as an attachment to

Include with the .prn file Your Company Name, Contact Person, Phone Number, Application Requirements, Computer Operating System, Software Name, Printer Make and Model, and Printer Driver Name

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