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Hoping you have a solution to a problem.

We have an old software system that sends out PCL data to a dot matrix printer.

We can redirect the PCL data to a shared printer on a windows server –

Do you have a virtual PDF Printer that would sit on the windows server as a shared printer – that the old system could send its PCl prints too and then the PDF printer would convert to a PDF instantly?

Another bonus would be for it to apply a watermark to the pdf?

Do you have anything that could help?

Many thanks


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  1. bobp
    November 12th, 2015 @ 10:51 AM

    You would need PCLTool SDK – Option III or V starting at $425 or $625.

    I would need to know the full scope of your workflow, transformation, watermarking and other requirements.

    I will also need to analyze your PCL, know if you need to split multi-document print files into individually-named/indexed/watermarked PDF’s and what you will do with the PDF’s.

    You came to the right place, but this is not the type of application that you can implement without someone that knows how to use all the tools available in our SDK.

    Please respond to me directly at: bp@pagetech.com

    Bob Pooley

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