PageTech Announces the Release of PCLTool SDK v12.0

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San Diego, CA. – March 22, 2012: With the release of PCLTool SDK v12.0, PageTech continues to show its commitment to meet the evolving PCL transformation demands of HVTO printing/mailing/imaging service bureaus, developers and businesses worldwide.

PCLTool SDK v12.0 now makes it easier than ever before to extract text from complex PCL (all levels), while transforming that text into resources for TransPromo documents, or editing the text by adding OMR, IMB or 2-D barcodes for mailing applications. Version 12.0 also facilitates in splitting, indexing, merging and optimizing complex PCL.

“We are extremely pleased to add our new PCLExtract program to our product line,” says Robert Pooley, president of PageTech. “Service bureaus and developers can now use PCLExtract to easily modify their custom HVTO text extraction/transformation scripts for multiple customers, or multiple print streams from a single customer. This translates into saving development time and money.”

Enhancements in PCLTool SDK v12:

PCLExtract.exe – Manages OCR-like databases (.cdr) and text extraction coordinates (.ibl). Included with the New Service Bureau Option or as an optional add-in for unlimited page volume licensees.

GenCDR.exe – Generates Character Descriptor Recognition (.cdr) files to extract searchable text.

PCLFilter.exe – Redacts bank account #’s on bank statements and cancelled check images, HIPAA data or secures other types of client confidential data.

PCLMagic Printer Drivers – Generates PCL5e/PCL6 with searchable text from any application.

PCLCapture – Installer for users that just want to use PCLMagic driver, Port Monitor and PMIndexer.

Large File Support – All PCLTool SDK options can now transform PCL print streams larger than 4 GB.

New Service Bureau Option – Bundle includes production, disaster recovery and testing units with unlimited conversions and scripting. Also includes the PCLExtract program.

The PCLTool SDK v12.0 release note is available at:


A fully functional evaluation copy of PCLTool SDK v12.0 (32-bit or 64-bit) is available for download from the PageTech web site. All PageTech products come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. A single license for PCLTool SDK starts at $425 USD with additional configuration options available.

About PageTech

Established in 1993, Page Technology Marketing, Inc. (, with all development based in San Diego, CA, USA, is the leading consultancy firm specializing in HP PCL print stream transformation, optimization, text extraction and manipulation products for developers, systems integrators and MIS departments. PageTech belongs to the independent developer programs from: Adobe, HP, and Lexmark.


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