How to get searchable text from Crystal Reports

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Any text contained in a Crystal TextObject produces scrambled text – we can unscramble it. ¬†However, that takes up to 2 hrs. and it makes it more sensitive to font, stroke weight and point size changes.¬† If you use a “formula field” (rather than textobjects) and pick 12 pt printer resident Courier (not Courier New) – anything that you insert into the document or report will come out in the print stream as readable text.

If you want to hide the text in reverse text (white) be sure to place this object in an area of white space on the page. You also need to insert a control string for us to search for like – ##$$(field1.field2, field3, field4, field5$$## to make it easier for our program to locate and parse the information you want to use for document splitting, indexing, editing or routing.

The text generated in the PCL file will look something like the following:

  • ##$$DuckBill,Agency Mail,HO10000785G,Expiration Notice $$##<CR><LF>

Note: ##$$ and $$## are control codes to help us find the beginning and ending to the text string.

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