PCLReader Limitations

Posted on | December 1, 2009 | No Comments

PCLReader is freeware positioned for non-commercial use to show what our products “are capable of doing” in order to help promote our commercial products.  We don’t want to make it easy to install on a server for multi-user use — that is beyond the scope of the PCLReader license.  If you have a serious multi-user/remote user need, then you probably need one of our commercial solutions.

Install PCLReader directly on a PC as a User with full rights to evaluate it’s PCL viewing, converting, printing or text extraction capabilities.  And, invoke PCLReader directly on the PC where it is installed using the same User ID. 

If using PCLReader it’s not enough to satisfy your application requirements, then describe your application, workflow, transformation and other needs.  And, it would be helpful to also include a sample of the PCL you need to view, print or convert for analysis.

Upon receipt to info@pagetech.com, I will analyze and provide you with my product recommendation.

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