Installation Anti-Virus False Positives For .RRA and .EXE Files

Posted on | December 1, 2009 | No Comments

We’ve asked TrendMicro many times to tell us what they think looks suspicious in our code and we’ve never received a response.   No other virus program has ever flagged any of our programs as ones that contain a virus.  And, over 500 shareware sites regularly test our products with rigorous anti-virus and anti-spyware products before they add them to their listings.

We’ve been selling our products via the internet for 16 yrs. and we have never sent out a virus.  Do what you feel comfortable with, but we don’t know what to change to make some of our .exe’s pass TrendMicro’s faulty A-V detection software.  And, it falsely thinks the .rra files generated by the InstallShield SETUP.exe are malware.  You might consider changing A-V software vendors.

Short term solution: Turn-off TrendMicro during our install to tell it to except the .rra and other files from us that it falsely detects as a virus.

Long term solution: Get a better AV product.  Those files are virus-free.  They are all false-positive indications of a possible virus.  TrendMicro is the only product that declares false-positives for these files.

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