What Can Affect the Nature and Composition of PCL Print Streams

There are many variables that can affect the nature and composition of today’s PCL print streams. Once a PCL transformation process is up and running, please be aware of some of the many pitfalls that can break them. The PCL generated from different HP printer drivers can vary in the following ways: There are HP […]

Commercial Quality PCL Interpreter

What do we mean by a “Commercial Quality PCL Interpreter”? In our estimation only a handful of products in the market today are truly commercial quality, although there are hundreds of products that claim to interpret PCL. The majority of them are simple PCL parsers that were developed during the PCL4 era (1980s) to extract […]

Conversion from PCL5 to PCL6

Dear sir/Madam, i am working with the WindowsCE5.0 operating system it came with the default driver as PCL and able to work with PCL5 based printers but not with PCL6 printers. My Question is 1.how can i make my WindowsCE5.0 to communicate with both PCL5 and PCL6. please provide solution for this. This post was […]