How to convert PCL to PDF using a GUI, batch file/command line or by printing to our PCL to PDF printer driver

PCLXForm.exe is your best choice to convert PCL into PDF if you want your workflow to be transparent to the end user.  We have versions for 32-bit, 32-bit .NET, 64-bit and 64-bit .NET platforms.  PCLXForm is a program that converts PCL to PDF and other image formats using very powerful ASCII text script programming language […]

PageTech Announces the Release of PCLTool SDK V11.0

San Diego, CA. – June 2, 2011:  PageTech, the developer of PCLTool SDK, today announced the release of PCLTool SDK v11.0.  As the recognized leader in the PCL transformation industry, PageTech continues to meet the evolving PCL transformation demands of developers and businesses worldwide. With the release of PCLTool SDK v11.0, PageTech now offers its […]

Multiple PCLXForm.exe Processes

We have an unlimited Level III license. The conversion system usualy runs 6 parallel processes that each loop on a separate input directory and run conversions with PCLXform.exe. All of theses parallel processes are referencing the same tempdir where tmp_001,tmp_002,… subidectories are created. It seems that sometimes, a same temp subdirectory is referenced by 2 […]

Best way to run a page-limited PCLXForm on a server

The best way to run PCLXForm on a server being using by multiple workstations.  Is to have them all send there files to a folder that HotDir is watching.  When HotDir sees a new file (or, files), it will check to see of PCLXForm is already running.  If it is, HotDir waits.  If not, then […]